“Cheese, Glorious, Cheese”

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Andrew Marshall takes us on a cheesy tour around Europe’s best regions for this dairy delight. Gastro tourism is big business right now. It seems many of us are no longer just satisfied with visitingwell worn cities and sites, and we’re taking the requisite Instagrams to prove it. Now, we want somethingelse from our journeys, an authentic experience that isn’t just about seeing, but smelling and touchingand tasting too. The cornerstone of this epicurean exploration movement is the lure of discoveringdelicacies at their source. Perhaps no other food lends itself to such consideration – and adoration – ascheese. From gargantuan wheels of Parmesan to chunks of rustic Wensleydale to creamy, oozy Camembert, tracking cheese’s journey from paddock to plate transports the traveller to bucolic countryidylls and through centuries of tradition and practice. And it also provides ample opportunity to samplethe wares!


“Europe on a Platter”

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Eating and drinking is big part of any travel experience. Andrew Marshall travels to a selection of European cities to sample their unique gastronomic delight. (Brussels, Budapest, Paris, Bologna, & Madrid)


“Europe in a Glass”

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Drinking is a significant part of any travel experience and whether it’s a beer in a Danish bar, a flute ofbubbly in France or a smooth Irish whiskey enjoyed after a distillery tour – there’s nothing better thansavoring the local product in place where its produced. Andrew Marshall travels to five Europeancountries to sample their unique liquid refreshments. Champagne/FRANCE, Port/PORTUGAL,Vodka/SWEDEN, Beer/DENMARK, Whiskey/N. IRELAND


“A Taste of Europe”

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Andrew Marshall travels to several European countries to sample a selection of unique gastronomic places and experiences… including Snuffling for Truffles ITALY, Cheese, glorious cheese ENGLAND, Seafood Heaven PORTUGAL, Take a whiskey tour NORTHERN IRELAND, Gorging on Chocolates BELGIUM, Dine with a difference GERMANY, Champagne Tasting FRANCE, The Smokie Trail SCOTLAND, Historic Dining SWEDEN, Enjoying a pint IRELAND, Tapas crawling SPAIN, Sugar & Spice ENGLAND. Chip shop, Cabbie Shelter, Borough Market, Twinings Tea Shop and a traditional London pub.


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