“Tea time in London”

(1350 words)
“Anyone for a cuppa?” “Madam, your tea is served.” “How about a brew?” From mugs of tea at classic cafes to delicate teas served in bone china at elegant London hotels, tea is undeniably Britain’s favourite beverage and has long played an important role in its culture. Here’s a selection of tea establishments to provide a refreshing slant when visiting the capital…

“All Cheeses Great & Small”

(1500 words)
A journey through the picturesque Yorkshire Dales (Swaledale & Wensleydale) visiting artisan cheese- makers of sheep milk, cows milk and goat’s milk cheeses.

“London Spice”

(1200 & 1500 words)
The humble curry has long been Britain’s adopted national dish but now the Tandoori has turned chic. We explore London’s gourmet Indian restaurants.

“Fish & Brits”

(1460 words, plus 5 of the best, fact file and recipes)
Whether it be wrapped in paper or served piping hot on a plate, the great British dish is still going strong. Andrew Marshall reports.

“Sugar & Spice Up North”

(1350 words plus: “10 Classic Sweets” “10 Interesting Facts” & “6 of the BestYorkshire Sweet Shops”)
What child can resist the temptation of an old-fashioned sweet shop or what adult for that matter? Althoughmany have disappeared from our high streets in recent years and become a thing of the past, the good newsis, that at The Oldest Sweet Shop In England in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales village of Pateley Bridge,these nostalgic memories of sugar and spice are still a reality.

“London’s Classic Caffs”

(1200 words)
Sometimes described as ‘caffs’ or ‘greasy spoons’ – London cafes have been part of the city scape for more than half a century and these snug, warm havens beloved of workmen and famed for their all-day breakfasts,are microcosms of British urban culture, architecture and interior design. This feature covers 5 classic cafesincluding a pie and mash cafe and cabbie’s shelters.

“Eats Of London”

(1800 words)
Andrew Marshall heads to London to sample a selection of culinary establishments with a traditionaland historic flavour… (includes La Manze Pie & Mash shop, England’s oldest restaurant, East End FoodTour, Classic London Cafe, London’s oldest Indian restaurant, Fish & Chip shop, Cabbie Shelter, BoroughMarket, Twinings Tea Shop and a traditional London pub.

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