Scotland – ‘6 Of The Best Castle Stays’

Scotland – ‘6 Of The Best Castle Stays’

‘6 Of The Best Castle Stays’

From Pride and Prejudice, to Wuthering Heights and the hugely popular TV series Downton Abbey, there’s no doubting the popularity of period dramas. So next time you are in Scotland, why not star in your own by checking into one of these historic abodes?

There’s no more Scottish an image than that of a castle surrounded by swirling mist, and most of Scotland’s castles ooze a colourful and turbulent history … the stuff of swashbucklers, legends and ghost stories. All the classic imagery can be found in abundance; secret passageways, spiral staircases, dungeons, haunted rooms, four-poster beds, old oil paintings, chandeliers, suites of armour, stuffed game and roaring log fires… and the good news is that you can spend the night at many of these castles.

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Photography by Paul Marshall
Text by Andrew Marshall