Jamaica – ‘Taste of Jamaica’

Jamaica – ‘Taste of Jamaica’

‘Taste of Jamaica’


Jamaica’s sugary sand beaches, aquamarine waters and cheek-caressing trade winds are merely the appetisers – it’s also a feast of many tastes and flavours.

From fiery jerk meat and inventive seafood dishes to oak-aged rums and hearty stouts – Jamaican cuisine is an eclectic mix of African, European and Indian influences – and is surprisingly healthy and varied. Although many restaurants offer excellent dining we soon discover that you’re just as likely to have a great culinary experience by eating local style – and here that means one thing, Jamaica’s signature dish of jerk chicken or pork. Although there are thousands of jerk centres – as they are known – in every village and town and at almost every crossroads or street corner, there’s only one place to go, and that’s Scotchies. There’s nothing the least bit fancy about this thatched-roof joint on the outskirts of Montego Bay where food is served in aluminium foil and everyone eats with their fingers, but the jerk dishes are the best you’ll find anywhere…

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Photography by Paul Marshall
Text by Andrew Marshall