Morocco – ‘Marrakech to the Sahara’

Morocco – ‘Marrakech to the Sahara’


‘Marrakech to the Sahara’

Morocco is a fascinating mosaic of cultures and traditions, desert landscapes and sumptuous palaces. For decades it has been attracting artists, writers and more recently travellers in search of the exotic.

It is late afternoon in the centre of exotic Marrakech, founded more than 1,000 years ago with its Andalusia-inspired arches, ochre ramparts, souq marketplaces and distinctive skyline of mosques set against the majestic snow-capped High Atlas Mountains. I find myself thoroughly lost in the medina, where narrow passageways and lanes seethe with human activity. Covered bazaars are crammed with spice stalls and workshops of every kind, with artisans at work fashioning slippers, weaving rugs, dyeing textiles and hammering metals…

Story length: 1,400 words
Available images: 30

Photography by Paul Marshall
Text by Andrew Marshall