“A Gourmet Paris Picnic”

(1200 words)
Paris – the city that embodies beauty and romance is truly a feast for the senses. It is especially a city totaste; an espresso and croissant at a sidewalk café, a simple picnic of fresh bread, cheese and local wine,exploring the fruit and vegetable markets and perhaps a sweet indulgence at one of the city’s legendarychocolate shops…

“Champagnes & Châteaux”

(1682 words)
“Remember, gentlemen, its not just France we are fighting for, its Champagne.” Winston Churchill.”Champagne makes you feel like its Sunday and better days are just around the corner.” Marlene Dietrich,German actress. “Any man who drinks Dom Pérignon ́52 can’t be all bad.” James Bond in The Spy WhoLoved Me. “Drinking Champagne after making love is like taking a bath in chilled pearls.” Anistatia R Miller,author of Champagne Cocktails.

“Calavados & Cheese in Normandy”

(1500 words)
Just over an hour’s drive from Paris, a world of golden Calvados and fragrant cheeses await in the PaysD’Auge region.

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