Belgium – ‘Beers & Birdies’

Belgium – ‘Beers & Birdies’

‘Beers & Birdies’

‘Golf and beer’ – some things in life are just meant to go together and few places combine these twin pleasures quite like Belgium. We sink a few putts and a few brews on a golfing journey through the country’s historic Flanders’ region.

This is the scene. It’s late July and the sun is still shining as we walk off the 18th green after our opening round at Kampenhout Golf Club, a forgiving parkland course around 20-minutes drive from Brussels Airport. We quickly settle down at a table outside the clubhouse to run through our scorecards and order two Leffe Blondes, which duly arrive in their uniquely embossed glasses, individually shaped to enhance the aroma and taste. We both take a sip, grin at each other and raise our glasses – it’s a great start to our five-day ‘Golf and Beer’ journey through the historic towns and cities of the Flanders’ region, staying in top-drawer accommodation, teeing it up on a variety of courses with plenty of beers along the way.

Story length: 1,800 words (plus a ‘Golfer’s Guide to Belgian Beers’ 300 words)
Available images: 48

Photography by Paul Marshall
Text by Andrew Marshall