England – ‘Sweet Memories’

England – ‘Sweet Memories’

‘Sweet Memories’


What child can resist the temptation of an old-fashioned sweet shop or what adult for that matter? Although many have disappeared from our high streets in recent years and become a thing of the past, the good news is, that at The Oldest Sweet Shop In England in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales village of Pateley Bridge, these nostalgic memories of sugar and spice are still a reality. The Oldest Sweet Shop In England first opened its door to a sugary-filled atmosphere in the early 19th century and has been going strong ever since. The shop is the oldest building in Pateley Bridge, having been built on the High Street in 1660. Originally a farmhouse, its low ceilings, open fireplace and creaking wooden floorboards are still evident today, along with the other essential elements of a traditional British sweet shop…

Story length: 1,350 words (plus: ’10 Classic Sweets’, ’10 Interesting Facts’ & ‘6 of the Best Yorkshire Sweet Shops’)
Available images: 25

Photography by Paul Marshall
Text by Andrew Marshall