“Street Beat – Melbourne Streets”

(1000 & 1600 words)
As you take in the sights of Melbourne, you’ll soon discover the boundless allure, colour and atmosphere of its streets. From the bohemian chic of Brunswick Street to the exotic sights and smells of Victoria Street, each has it’s own character and identity. Andrew Marshall visits five classics…

“Sydney’s Savvy Suburbs”

(1600 words)
Sydney has always been a city of villages. From its first days as a fledgling settlement on the shores of Port Jackson (more commonly known as Sydney Harbour), the village community mentality has continued. Today’s urban colonists continue to transform the city’s suburbs creating havens of modern village life. From the bohemian chic of Paddington to style ghettoes such as Danks Street in Waterloo, here are five examples each with their own character and identity.

“Coasting the ‘Burbs” – Sydney’s Southern Beaches Coast Walk”

(words: 1100)
Sydney’s Southern Beaches Coastal Walk is an invigorating blast of sea spray laden air and great views interspersed with guilt ridden indulgent stops at the many cafes that line the bays.

“Australia’s Marvellous National Parks”

(1000 words)
Ever since the ‘Royal National Park’ (Australia’s first) was established in New South Wales in 1879 an enormous number of national parks have been declared in each state, which have become very important in protecting and preserving what remains of the natural environment. For the traveller, these sectors of green, marked on maps of the country, create marvellous stepping stones, offering the chance to experience the best of what this huge and diverse continent has to offer. From tiny pockets of tropical rainforest to expansive areas of desert, dramatic gorges and coral cays, the variety of national parks in Australia is astounding. Here’s a pick from each state:

“Cycling the Great Ocean Road”

(1400 words)
It’s long and winding, but Australia’s Great Ocean Road is one of the world’s greatest road journeys. One of the world’s most inspiring coastal journeys – Australia’s “Great Ocean Road” offers all the haunting drama and windswept magnificence of Victoria’s ‘Shipwreck Coast’. From serene bays and inlets to rugged cliffs and intriguing rock formations, to the lush dripping rainforests and towering eucalypts of the Otway Ranges.

“Hit the Open Road – 4 Great Drives of Oz”

(800 & 1200 words)
With the cruise control activated and a feel good beat on the stereo, hit the open road and experience the freedom and space of Australia. Here are four great road journeys to whet the appetite…

“Rocks of Ages – A celebration of Australian rockscapes”

(800 words)
Most think of Australia as a young, vibrant nation, at the forefront of a brave, new world. But under the surface of the hot, dry land lies a different tale. Over millions of years the combined forces of the elements have transformed the landscape, leaving an indelible mark in the remarkable creation of gorges, rocks and sculptures. Andrew Marshall finds beauty in the harsh extremes of the outback.

“Motorhoming Tasmania”

(1000 words)
A home on wheels is the way to go in Australia’s island state. Andrew Marshall reports.

“The NT’s ancient Lost City”

(1000 words)
In the remote Abner Ranges of Australia’s Northern Territory stand the stone pinnacles and pillars of an ancient Lost City.

“A Taste Of The Old Territory- Victoria River Region”

(Northern Territory) (1000 words)
Andrew Marshall visits the Victoria River Region, less famous but no less beautiful than the Northern Territory’s other attractions.

“50 Things To Do in Queensland”

(1000 words)
10 Adventures, 10 with Views, 10 with water, 10 Walks, 10 with history.

“The Accessible Outback- NSW Outback Triangle”

(850 words)
Forming a triangle, three great National Parks, Lake Mungo, Kinchega and Mutawintji make this corner of the New South Wales a fantastic getaway for those in need of an outback fix. This is the accessible outback.

“Cliffhangers-Mt Arapiles”

(850 words)
A heart-pumping experience introduces Andrew Marshall to the thrills of rock-climbing.

“Climbing the Serpents Back – The Flinders Ranges”

(800 words)
“The bones of nature laid bare,” was how the famous Australian artist Hans Heysen described the rugged saw-toothed ridges that make up the Flinders Ranges. With one final step I might well have agreed with him had I not been gasping for breath.

“Playing postie for the day”

(Cape York Peninsula/Australia) (words: 850)
In Australia’s deserted north, it takes a four-seater plane and a skilled pilot to get the mail through. Andrew Marshall went along for the ride – and unparalleled views of a solitary wilderness.

“Gulflander Train Trip”

(words: 1000)
The deep north-west corner of Queensland… Gulf country during the wet season. Stern, black clouds hang ominously in the dusk sky, threatening to drench the grand white-domed roof of Normanton railway station. Beneath this once-rusting visage sits the Gulflander locomotive, taking pride of place among a scattering of carriages, wheels and remnants of a bygone age.

“Queensland to a Tee”

(1100 plus Off-Course attractions)
Tropical North Queensland is best known for the twin natural wonders of the Great Barrier Reef and World Heritage Rainforest, but what are its golf courses like?

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