Canada – ‘Gourmet Seafood of PEI’

Canada – ‘Gourmet Seafood of PEI’


It may be small, but Canada’s Prince Edward Island is heaven for seafood lovers

Only 280 km from tip to tip, Prince Edward Island (known locally as PEI) is Canada’s tiniest province, but still manages to punch above its weight in the culinary world. Its pristine waters and beaches, in particular produce some of the planet’s finest seafood in a smorgasbord that’s as inspiring as its magnificent red sands and salt-sprayed red cliffs. Foodies know it as shellfish heaven, thanks to its abundance of local specialities such as oysters, lobster, mussels, clams and scallops. PEI has several other qualities to recommend it too. In addition to the first-rate seafood, factors like stunning scenery, a moderate climate, friendly locals and plentiful activities all add to the island’s appeal.

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Photography by Paul Marshall
Text by Andrew Marshall